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How to pronounce Tagliatelle [Explained]
Tagliatelle are an Italian type of pasta that are a freshly made egg-based pasta that appear as flat stripes that are much wider than traditional spaghetti and linguine. They are similar to, but not as wide as pappardelle and fettuccine. Tagliatelle are usually cooked with a ragù sauce or a creamy cheese-based sauce. Tagliatelle are typical of the cuisine in Northern Italy, especially in the region of Emilia-Romagna.
The word tagliatelle comes from the Italian verb "tagliare", which means "to cut", because once the fresh pasta is made it is cut into long ribbons.
Tagliatelle is the plural form while tagliatella is singular.
The correct pronunciation of tagliatelle in Italian is phonetically written as tahl-yah-tell-eh. The first "A" is pronounced as an open sound, like saying "ah" with your mouth wide open. The "gl" sound in Italian can be challenging for non-native speakers and resembles a "Lee" sound. In this case, if you split the sounds -tahl and -yah, saying them separately it should be easier to replicate. The final -eh sound must be said with an open "e" and not with an "ee" as is so often heard.
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