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How to pronounce Linguine [Explained]
Linguine are a type of Italian dry pasta that are a sort of flattened Spaghetti, also called Bavette.
It is important to know that linguine is the plural form and not linguini, which has no meaning in Italian. The singular form of linguine is linguina.
The correct pronunciation of linguine in Italian is Lean-gwee-neh. It is pronounced this way because, in Italian, the "i" often carries an "ee" sound, which coincidentally is the reason why so many Italians have difficulties pronouncing an "i" in English. It is for this same reason that many English speakers pronounce linguine as lin-gwee-nee, and consequently why so many seem to think that linguini is the correct plural form. It is important to maintain an open "e" at the end of the word that resembles the sound -eh and not a closed "ee" sound.
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