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Tzatziki is a traditional Greek dip made of Greek yogurt, cucumber, mint, garlic, lemon, sea salt and black pepper. It is used in a variety of Greek dishes such as in the Gyro or to accompany Souvlaki.
The pronunciation of tzatziki is often wrongly transcribed as tsah-see-key. The main problem is the -see part in the middle. It would be better to phonetically transcribe it as tsah-tsee-key, but this doesn’t really tell you how to pronounce tzatziki, especially if you are a native English speaker.
The easiest way of learning its correct pronunciation is the rule that the -tz sound in Greek is equivalent to the -zz in pizza.
So by transcribing it using the -zz sound from pizza, the correct pronunciation of tzatziki is zza-zzee-key, which is much closer to the native pronunciation heard in the audio file.
It is also important to pronounce the vowels in tzatziki in the right way.
The "a" in tzatziki is pronounced as a short "a", which means it is pronounced with an "ah" sound that is very open and not with an "uh" sound that people often pronounce it with. Both the "i"s are then pronounced with a long "e", which means they are pronounced with an "ee" sound.

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