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How to pronounce Tzatziki
Classic Greek dip made of Greek yogurt, cucumber, mint, garlic, lemon, sea salt and black pepper. It is used in a variety of Greek dishes such as in the Gyro or to accompany Souvlaki.
The pronunciation of tzatziki is often wrongly transcribed as tsah-see-key. The main problem is the -see part in the middle. It would be better to write it as tsah-tsee-key, but this doesn’t really tell you how to pronounce tzatziki, especially if you are a native English speaker.
The easiest way of learning its correct pronunciation is the rule that the -tz sound in Greek is equivalent to -zz in pizza.
By phonetically transcribing tzatziki using the -zz sound from pizza, you would get zza-zzee-key, which is much closer to the native pronunciation heard in the audio file.
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