Architecture and Design

In this category, you will find the names of past and contemporary architects, alongside the world's most acclaimed designers.

Art and Photography

Painters, sculptors, street artists along with artistic techniques and artwork titles. Find also the names of the most important photographers in history.

Biology and Medicine

Terms used in medical and biological fields, in English and other languages. Find also the names of doctors, scientists, and biologists from the past and the present.

Brands and Companies

Chain stores, car brands, cosmetics corporations, accessories, eyewear designer brands, luxury watches.

Business and Finance

Words used in business and finance, and also banks, entrepreneurs, and company founders names.

Chemistry and Physics

Pronunciations of chemists, physicists, astronomers, seismologists, along with the pronunciations of chemical elements, energy units, stars, and constellations names.


In this category, you will find the pronunciations related to education and schooling, and the names of foreign schools and universities.


All job-related words, especially the English ones that have become irreplaceable in the corporate world.

Expressions and Slang

Here you will find Latin expressions we all use, English and international neologisms and idioms, with the correct pronunciation and their meaning.


Prestigious brands and labels, fashion designer and model names, terminology relating to fabrics, style, fashion catwalks, glamour.


This category is dedicated to holidays, from the religious to the merely commercial. You will find greetings in all languages, traditions, and everything else that goes with them.

Film and Entertainment

The pronunciations of actors, film and theatre directors, international entertainment personalities, theatre and film producers, titles of famous films and plays.

Food and Beverage

Correct pronunciations of culinary delicacies and foreign foods, internationally acclaimed chefs and plain foods.


In this section, you will find all the professional footballers with their unpronounceable names.

General Lexicon

This category includes thousands of words that are part of the vocabulary of the languages covered in this pronunciation website.

Greetings and Conversation

In this category, you will find the pronunciations required to have a basic conversation in all languages: good morning, good evening, goodbye or with pleasure in all languages.


Historical figures, politicians of the past, explorers, soldiers, princes, so-called vampires… Find out who they are and learn the correct pronunciation of their names.


Authors and poet names, novel and poem titles, literary characters, and literary genres. 


In this section, you will find the names of the most important mathematicians, statisticians, and plenty of numbers in all languages, geometrical shapes, theorems.

Media and News

Television and radio channels, TV personalities, journalists, news agencies, publishers but also cartoonists and illustrators.


Pronunciations of names and words that do not currently fit into any of the sections already created. As these pronunciations increase, new categories will be created.


Pronunciations regarding music, from classic to pop, with names of composers, singers, musicians, bands. You will also find all Italian music terms.


In this section, you will find feminine and masculine given names in all languages.


In this section, you will find all the philosophers, known and less known, both contemporary and from the past.


Section dedicated to the pronunciation of names of districts, cities, villages, countries, regions, nations, but also mountains, rivers, plains, airports.

Plants and Animals

This page is dedicated to common plant names and their Latin names, animal and insect names, in Italian and other languages.


Category containing the pronunciation of politicians' names, parties, and terms related to international Politics. Reporters and broadcasters are recommended to use this section.

Populations and Language

Names of both ancient and modern populations, along with the pronunciations of linguists and philologists.


Names of psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts along with pronunciations of psychological tests, mental disorders, psychological conditions and problems.

Religion and Mythology

Section dedicated to all religions, pagan divinities, rituals, names of the monks, religious personalities, along with the names of popes.

Sights and Landmarks

Monuments of the past, fountains, cathedrals, theatres, parks, museums, famous buildings, art galleries, celebrated districts in the world's most beautiful places.

Social Sciences

Sociology, Anthropology, and Economics, which study our society and the social relations that are created between individuals.


Names of athletes from various sports disciplines, along with the names of professional teams and players.


Find all the computer science terms, along with software, programmes, applications and new technologies.

The pronunciation of the Scottish whisky

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