Languages of India

Native Speakers

India has 23 constitutionally recognized languages and hundreds of other languages spoken by different minorities of the population. Hindi and English are recognized nationwide as the official languages. Nearly 530 million people speak Hindi natively. Following Hindi: Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, and Tamil are the most widespread natively spoken languages, each of them with a total of between 70 and 100 million native speakers.

Total number of Speakers in the world

Hindi has a total of more than 690 million speakers, representing about 57% of the population. English is the second most spoken language with about 130 million speakers. Most of India’s other languages are rarely spoken outside their state. Outside of Hindi and English, Kannada is the most widespread second language, with 14 million second language speakers.

Origins of Indian languages

In the northern half of India, part of the Indo-Aryan language family originally derived from Vedic Sanskrit. Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Urdu, and Punjabi are examples of Indo-Aryan languages.
In the southern part of India, most languages are of the Dravidian family. The Dravidian family is thought to be nearly 4,500 years old. The most prominent examples in India are Tamil, which is considered one of the longest-surviving classical languages, Telugu and Kannada.


The correct pronunciation

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