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Learn how to cook the best traditional Italian dishes

Learn how to cook the best traditional Italian dishes with chef Luciana Sampogna, a renowned Italian chef in Auckland and Sydney, offering her extensive knowledge of Italian food in her cooking school Cucina Italiana. Luciana can trace her love for Italian cuisine from the early stages of her childhood, when she would carefully watch her mother stirring a traditional Venetian polenta or help her grandmother making gnocchi (potato dumplings).

After graduating from the famous Simili Sisters' School in Bologna, Luciana opened her first cooking school in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1998. The media were quick to spot her talent, as were the winners of the 2000 America’s Cup, Alinghi: Luciana trained the chefs on the multi-million dollar support boats.

It was with great enthusiasm that Luciana then opened her
Cucina Italiana in Sydney in 2002. In 2010 Luciana captured the essence of her childhood and her culinary culture in her first cookbook Light of Lucia with Murdoch Publishing.
Luciana will now offer us her collection of regional and accessible recipes, and she will teach us to capture the simplicity of Italian food... Which is what makes it so special.

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