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How to pronounce Bologna [Explained]
Bologna is a city in Italy, and it is the capital of the region of Emilia-Romagna. Bologna also refers to mortadella bologna, a type of Italian cold cut sometimes only referred to as bologna or baloney. Mortadella is referred to as bologna because it originates in the eponymous city. Bologna is a very large and cylindrical cooked pork sausage and is served in slices. It contains pork fat and is flavored with black pepper and pistachios. Bologna is often used to make sandwiches, especially in the United States.
The correct pronunciation of bologna is bohl-oh-ña. We have decided to transcribe the "gn" sound as "ñ" because there are no ways to precisely reproduce the "gn" sound in the English language. A similar sound is "ny" in the word "canyon", but it is only a close approximation. Instead, the "ñ" in words like "piñata" or "niño" correspond to the way you ahould pronounce "gn" in Italian, and they are familiar words to the English language, especially for American speakers. Attention must also be payed to how you pronounce the two "o"s in bologna: they are pronounced like the "o" in the word "story".
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