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Naan is a kind of leavened flatbread that is oven-baked and is typically found in traditional dishes in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and many other cultures in the Middle East and South Asia. Naan is usually similar in appearance to pita bread and can be served plain or with a filling.
The name naan originally derives from the Iranian language family. The word nān literally means "bread" in Persian, which derives from the word n'n, which means "bread" or "food" in middle Persian. The word naan was then borrowed and used in numerous languages in South and Central Asia.
The correct pronunciation of naan is nah-ahn. In this phonetic transcription, the pronunciation of naan has been divided into two syllables, even if technically it would be only one. This is due to the fact that the double "a" is pronounced with two "ah" sounds that resemble two syllables, as you can hear in the audio pronunciation.

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