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How to pronounce Challah [Explained]
Challah is a type of bread in Jewish cuisine that is usually eaten during ceremonial events or during Jewish festivities. For example, it is eaten during the major Jewish holidays and during Shabbat. Challah is usually made with white flour, eggs, water, yeast, oil and sugar and is braided. When eaten, a small portion is left aside as an offering.
The word challah means "cake" or "loaf" in Biblical Hebrew, but in Rabbinic Hebrew, it is the precept (or mitzvah) of leaving a portion of the dough aside as a contribution for the priest, which in Judaism is called the kohen.
When referring to the bread, the plural of challah is challot.
The correct pronunciation of the word challah in Hebrew is hahll-AH.
When pronouncing the "ch" in challah, the "c" is silent. Rather, the "ch" is pronounced as an "h" with a guttural sound, typical of Hebrew that does not have an equivalent in the English language but can be heard in the audio pronunciation. The "ah" is then pronounced as a short "a", so with an "ah" sound. The following double "l" is pronounced by stressing and therefore elongating those letters. Finally, the "ah" at the end of challah is also pronounced with a short "a".
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