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How to pronounce Fettuccine [Explained]
Fettuccine are a type of Italian pasta that are shaped like flat thick noodles and are similar to pappardelle, but with about half the width. Like pappardelle, fettuccine are made out of flour, eggs and water. They are typical of Tuscan and Roman cuisine.
Most dishes made with fettucine in Italy are cooked with beef ragù sauce (known outside of Italy as Bolognese sauce). Internationally, fettuccine are well-known because they are the type of pasta that is served with Alfredo sauce and known as Fettuccine Alfredo, which does not exist as a dish in Italy and is mainly eaten in the United States.
The word fettuccine is the plural form, with fettuccina as the singular. The name fettuccine literally translates to "small ribbons" in Italian. This is because, especially when they are uncooked, fettuccine resemble small ribbons.
The correct pronunciation of fettuccine in Italian can be phonetically transcribed as Feh-ttoo-chee-neh. The most important part of saying fettuccine the right way is to stress the sound of the double "T". The end of the word is also very important: the -neh sound contains an open "E", and in no case must be pronounced with a double "E" sound. You will also hear that, differently from the last "E", the first one, in -feh, is closed in proper Italian diction, though in different regions in Italy you may hear it as open.
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