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Givenchy is a French luxury fashion brand and perfume maker that was founded by Hubert de Givenchy. Givenchy produces haute couture clothing, accessories such as handbags and perfumes under the Parfums Givenchy brand. Since 1988, Givenchy has been a subsidiary of the luxury multinational conglomerate LVMH.
The correct pronunciation of Givenchy is Szee-vohn-she.
The first syllable in Givenchy, -Szee, begins with an "sz" sound which is pronounced similarly to an English soft "g", like in the word "gem". However, in French, the "g" is pronounced in a slightly different manner. In the case of Givenchy, the "g" is pronounced like the letter "s" is pronounced in the word "vision".
The second syllable in Givenchy is transcribed as -vohn because the "e" in -ven is pronounced similarly to an "oh".  The "oh" sound is then followed by a nasal "n". The nasal "n" can be difficult to pronounce for non-native speakers, so to have a good pronunciation it is sufficient to abbreviate the length of the "n".
Fortunately, the third syllable in Givenchy is slightly easier to pronounce, equating to the pronunciation of the word "she" in English.

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