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How to pronounce Givenchy
Givenchy is a French luxury fashion brand and perfume maker that was founded by Hubert de Givenchy. It produces haute couture clothing, perfume and accessories such as handbags. It is now owned by the luxury multinational LVMH.
The correct pronunciation of Givenchy in French can be phonetically transcribed as Szee-von-she. The first part -Szee, may seem confusing to pronounce at first, but it actually isn't. The "Sz" sound  is how you will often find the "J" and "G" transcribed from French to English and it represents the sound of the "s" in the word "vision". The -von part contains a nasal "n" that has a short-lasting sound, while the "o" seems like it is midway between an "o" and a "u", as heard in the audio file.
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