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How to pronounce Peugeot
Peugeot is a French car manufacturer that is part of Groupe PSA. The name Peugeot derives from the last name of founder Armand Peugeot.
For non-native speakers, especially in the English world, Peugeot is a rather difficult brand to pronounce. Often times, you will find the name pronounced as Pyoo-zho, Poo-zho or even Per-zho. Although some countries adapt Peugeot's pronunciation for their customers in official advertisements, these ways to pronounce Peugeot are incorrect.
The correct pronunciation of Peugeot in French is difficult to phonetically transcribe without the use of IPA or accents that are not used in the English language.
The closest way of transcribing how to pronounce Peugeot can be puh-joh.
The best way to explain how to say Peugeot correctly is as follows:
1. The "Peu" in Peugeot is like the sound of "Pu" in the word "pull", adding the release of some air while saying "Pu".
2. The "geot" sounds like the "jo" sound in the word "majority", with a slightly more rounded beginning of the "j".
3. Add the two syllables together and you obtain the correct pronunciation of Peugeot as heard in the audio.
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