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Lacoste is a French apparel company and brand that was founded in 1933. Lacoste mainly produces clothing sportswear, shoes, eyewear, watches and accessories. Lacoste was founded by the French tennis player René Lacoste and André Gillier, a French knitwear manufacturer.
Lacoste is famous for its characteristic crocodile logo, which is often mistaken for an alligator. It is without doubt a crocodile because the logo derives from René Lacoste's nickname, which was "the crocodile". Lacoste purportedly acquired this nickname because of his tenacious playing style. However, the nickname seems to have derived from a bet that Lacoste made with his team captain, where if he won a certain match, his captain would buy Lacoste a crocodile suitcase that he had seen in a shop. After that, Lacoste had a crocodile embroidered onto the blazer he played with.
The correct pronunciation of Lacoste is lah-cohst.
The key to pronouncing Lacoste correctly is pronouncing the vowels the right way. The first two vowels are pronounced as short vowels. That is to say that the "a" is pronounced with an "ah" sound. In the second syllable, the "o" is pronounced with an "oh" sound, which is slightly more closed than you would usually pronounce it in English. Instead, the final "e" in Lacoste is silent.

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