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In Irish mythology, Scáthach is a legendary woman warrior and martial artist in the Ulster Cycle. Scáthach trains the hero Cú Chulainn so that he can become worthy enough to marry Emer.
The name Scáthach literally translates to "shadowy" or "shady", where scáth means "shadow" or "shade" and -ach is the suffix. However, the etymological meaning also slightly differs from English: "shade" actually means a form of protection or shield, so Scáthach means "the one who protects". 
The correct pronunciation of Scáthach in Irish is skah-hahk.
The way you pronounce Scáthach is similar to saying "sky hawk", but with two differences. First, instead of a final "Y" in "sky" you pronounce an "ah" sound while exhaling the "h". Second, instead of the central "aw" sound in "hawk", you pronounce an "ah", while remembering to exhale the "h".

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