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How to pronounce Hecate [Explained]
In Ancient Greek mythology, Hecate (also written as Hekate) is a goddess of witchcraft and crossroads.
The origin of the name Hecate are unknown, with various theories that it may be of Egyptian, Anatolian or Greek origin.
The pronunciation of Hecate's name is somewhat complicated. hecate was originally pronounced as Heck-ut, with no pronunciation of the final "e". This is due to the spelling of her name as Hecat in the 16th century translation of Ovid's Metamorphoses by Arthur Golding. Eventually, pronunciation of the "e" became more common. However, this brought along another pronunciation that can be transcribed as Heck-uh-tee, that is more commonly heard in American English. But the correct pronunciation is Heh-KAH-tee, with stress on the second syllable, which is closer to the Greek pronunciation.
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