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How to pronounce Charon [Explained]
In Greek mythology, Charon (also written as Kharon) is the psychopomp for Hades. A psychopomp is also known as a ferryman of the underworld, which means that he was responsible for bringing deceased souls to the underworld.
Cheron was the son of Erebus and brother of Thanatos and Hypnos.
The name Charon derives means "of keen gaze", which was a reference to his feverish and fierce eyes.
In English, Charon has two slightly different, but correct pronunciations. The first way to pronounce Charon is KARE-uhn. The second pronunciation of Charon is Kare-ON. While both ways to say Charon maintain a "k" sound for the "Ch" at the beginning of Charon, the difference is where the stress falls. In KARE-uhn, the first syllable is stressed, which changes how the second syllable is pronounced, making it become a "uhn" sound. In Kare-ON, the second syllable is stressed and this causes the second syllable to take an "on" sound.
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