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Caoimhe is an Irish feminine first name, which is amongst the most popular in Ireland, however it has gained traction as a name in the United States as well.
The name Caoimhe comes from the Irish "caomh", which means "dear" or "noble" and it has the same root as the modern name "Kevin".
Caoimhe is pronounced differently from how it is spelled.
The correct pronunciation of Caoimhe is both Kwee-vuh and Kee-vuh.
Kwee-vuh is the most common way of pronouncing Caoimhe in the Republic of Ireland, however, it is also pronounced as Kee-va, especially in Northern Ireland, so both can be considered correct. In fact, it is often anglicized as Queeva, Kiva or Keeva.
In the audio pronunciation, you will hear Caoimhe pronounced as Kwee-vuh. To pronounce Caoimhe as Kee-vuh, you must simply avoid pronouncing the "w" sound in -Kwee, making it -Kee.

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