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Xochitl or Xóchitl is a female Mexican first name, which in particular is used in the southern part of Mexico. The origin of the name Xochitl comes from the Nahuatl (Aztec) word for "flower". 
The name Xochitl was famously the name of the Toltec Empress. The Toltecs were considered the predecessors of the Aztecs.
The correct pronunciation of Xochitl is object of debate. This is mainly due to differences in the pronunciation between the Nahuatl pronunciation and the Mexican Spanish pronunciation. In Spanish, the pronunciation of Xochitl is often transcribed as soh-chee or soh-cheel. The reason for this difference is that newer generations tend to drop the final "L" sound, while the older generations pronounce Xochitl with the final "L". In the audio pronunciation, we have decided to include the original "L", but keep in mind that both pronunciations are considered valid. So to pronounce Xochitl without an "L", it is sufficient to drop the "L" and say soh-chee. However, in both cases, the "o" must in -soh produces an "oh" sound, and not an "so" or "soe" sound.

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