The unpronounceable football players

Published in: News 07/09/2015
Photo by Piotr Drabik
                                                                                                        Photo by Piotr Drabik

Now that the football transfer window is closed, journalists, managers and fans alike will have to learn how to pronounce some of the more complicated international player names. We’ve all read the names and maybe even heard them being pronounced, but what is their proper pronunciation? Here are some of the most unpronounceable

Jakub Błaszczykowski
Jakub Błaszczykowski was born in 1985 in Poland. During the 2012 UEFA European Championship in 2012, he was the captain of the Polish national team. He currently plays as a winger for Fiorentina, the professional club from Firenze (Florence), in Toscana (Tuscany). He is on loan from Borussia Dortmund. Jakub Błaszczykowski is definitely one of the hardest name to pronounce. Click and listen to the correct pronunciation of Jakub Błaszczykowski

Nathaniel Chalobah
Nathaniel Chalobah was born in 1994 in Sierra Leone and moved to England with his family when he was only seven. He now plays for Napoli, in Italian Serie A, on loan from Chelsea. He is a versatile player and he can play either as a defender or as a midfielder. Click and listen to the proper pronunciation of Nathaniel Chalobah

Wesley Hoedt
Wesley Hoedt is a young Dutch defender who currently plays for Lazio in Italian Serie A. Wesley Hoedt was born in 1994 and he is very tall for a football player: he is 6.2 ft. (1.92 cm.). Click and listen to the accurate pronunciation of Wesley Hoedt

Wojciech Szczęsny
Wojciech Szczęsny is certainly an unpronounceable name. The Polish footballer was born in Warsaw in 1990. He is a skilled goalkeeper for the Polish national team and he is now playing for the Italian club Roma, on loan from Arsenal. Click and listen to the correct pronunciation of Wojciech Szczęsny

Aleksandar Trajkovski
Aleksandar Trajkovski is a Macedonian footballer, born in 1992. He plays in the Macedonian national football team and plays for the Italian club Palermo, in Sicilia (Sicily). He can play as a winger, attacking midfielder and striker. Click and listen to the perfect pronunciation of Aleksandar Trajkovski

Axel Witsel
Axel Witsel was born in 1989 in Belgium from a Martinican father and a Belgian mother. He has the ability to play in different positions: he is a centre midfield but he can also play as an attacking midfielder or as a right-winger. He is currently playing for Zenit Saint Petersburg in the Russian Premier League. Click and listen to the precise pronunciation of Axel Witsel


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