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Macchiato (Coffee)

The macchiato coffee, or caffé macchiato in Italian, is a type of espresso coffee typical of Italy. The word macchiato literally translates to "stained" in Italian. In fact, a macchiato is made by making a shot of Espresso which is then "stained" with a dab of frothed milk, making it a coffee stained with milk.
The correct pronunciation of macchiato in Italian can be phonetically transcribed as mahkk-yah-toh. The most common mistake made when pronouncing macchiato is reading the "ch" as if it were English, but in Italian, "ch" has a "k" sound. Furthermore, with a double "c", the "k" sound must be particularly stressed, while the "a" preceding it must be open, as heard in the audio file. The "a" in -yah must also be pronounced in an open manner, while the "t" at the end must not be stressed and remain soft, as if it were half an "o".
In Italy, you can have the following variations of espresso coffee:
Doppio - double the size of a regular espresso
Lungo - an espresso with more water, but still in a small cup
Ristretto - a very, very short coffee, just a small shot
Corretto - a regular espresso with a drop of Grappa or any other alcoholic beverage.

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