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Focaccia is a type of oven-baked Italian flat bread. It has a similar texture to pizza dough, but it isn't baked with toppings and presents itself as very oily. Focaccia can be eaten as an appetizer, as a snack, as table bread or can also be used as to make focaccia sandwiches. Focaccia is typical of the region of Liguria, but has a long-standing tradition dating back to the Roman Empire. In fact, its name derives from the Latin name panis focacius. Panis obviously means bread and focacius derives from focus, which is a hearth, a stone-lined fireplace that was used for baking.
The correct pronunciation of focaccia in Italian can be written as foh-cahtch-ah. The key element of pronouncing focaccia properly is the way you pronounce the vowels. The "o" at the beginning should be pronounced like half the sound of the letter "o", when pronounced on its own. Instead, the "a" sounds must be pronounced with an open sound like when you say "ah", keeping your mouth quite open. A final point is the double "c" sound, which equates to the "tch" sound like in the word catch, but with added stress.

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