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Arrabbiata is a type of Italian sauce that is a spicy tomato sauce, which is made with tomatoes, red chili, olive oil and garlic. Arrabbiata sauce comes from the region of Lazio, where Rome is located. Arrabbiata sauce is often served with penne and the dish is called penne all'arrabbiata.
The word arrabbiata translates to the feminine form of the word "angry" because of the sauce's characteristic spicy flavor. It is in the feminine form because it is associated to the word pasta, which is also in the feminine form.
The correct pronunciation of the word arrabbiata in Italian is ahrr-ahbb-yah-tah. The four "a"s in arrabbiata are all pronounced with an open "a" sound, like when you say "ah" at the dentist's. The double "R" sound is technically a rolling "R", which may be difficult for English speakers. However, it is not fundamental towards achieving a good pronunciation of arrabbiata.

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