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How to pronounce Decaffeinato
Italian word to indicate that a coffee is decaffeinated, without caffeine, decaf.
When you are visiting Italy and you want to order an Espresso, remember that you have these options:
Corretto - with a drop of Grappa or any other alcoholic beverage
Doppio - double the size of a regular espresso
Lungo - an espresso with more water, but still in a small cup
Macchiato - with a dab of frothed milk on top
Ristretto - a very very short coffee, just a shot
In a bar you can also have:
Cappuccino - never to be ordered after lunch o after dinner
Latte - a simple glass of milk, but you have to specify if you want it cold or warm
Latte macchiato - a glass of frothed milk stained by a shot of coffee
If you are at home you can make your own Caffè with a traditional Italian Caffettiera 
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