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Capocollo (or cappacuolo meat, as it is often misspelled in English) is a traditional pork cold cut from Italy. It is especially famous for having been used in the TV series The Sopranos and has become a well-known stereotype of Italian culture.
Capocollo is made from the neck muscle of the pork to its ribs in its neck. The name capocollo derives from "capo", which means head in Italian and "collo", which means neck.
The correct pronunciation of capocollo in Italian is cah-poh-cohll-oh. It is important to note that the "o"s in the word are pronounced differently from each other. The first one, in -poh, and the third one, in -oh are pronounced like the "o" in the word "story". The second "o", in -cohl, instead, is pronounced like the "o" in the word "off". The double "L" at the end of the word must be pronounced with added length and stress, as heard in the audio pronunciation.

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