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Lascaux is a French cave, known fully as Grotte de Lascaux that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lascaux is located in southwestern France near the town of Montignac. It is known for its paintings on the walls and ceilings of the cave that date back to prehistoric times, particularly from the Upper Paleolithic time. The paintings in Lascaux mostly represent fauna and large animals living there at the time and were developed through several generations.
The correct pronunciation of Lascaux in French is Lahs-koh. To pronounce Lascaux properly you must pay attention to how the vowels are pronounced. The first "a" is pronounced with an "ah" sound and resembles the "a" in the word "trap". The final "aux" in Lascaux is pronounced like the "o" in the word "story" and must be pronounced as if there were a slight accent at the end of it.

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