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Vinaigrette is a French sauce or salad condiment that is usually based on a mix of olive oil, salt, and vinegar that are made into an emulsion. Vinaigrette is often used as a salad condiment or served as a dip for crudités as part of an appetizer or hors-d'œuvre.
The word vinaigrette derives from the diminutive form of the French word for vinegar, vinaigre.
The correct pronunciation of ​vinaigrette is vee-neh(y)-GREHTT.
The "i" in the first syllable is pronounced as a long "e", which means it is pronounced with an "ee" sound. In the second syllable, the "ai" is pronounced with an "eh" sound and an ever so slight "y" at the end of it. The third syllable, which is stressed, contains a guttural "r" and is followed with a short "e" or "eh" sound. The final double "T" must be properly emphasized, like in the audio pronunciation. This emphasis is given by the final "e", which is not pronounced.

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