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How to pronounce Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon blanc is a grape variety from the region of Bordeaux, in France, from which Sauvignon blanc wine is made. Sauvignon grapes are green grapes that produce an aromatic and fresh wine. This kind of grape is also used to make the dessert wine Sauternes.
The name Sauvignon blanc probably derives from the French words sauvage, which means wild and blanc, which means white, referring to the fact that they grew in the wild and had a whiteish tone to them.
The correct pronunciation of Sauvignon Blanc in French is soh-vee-ñohn blohn. The "gn" sound in French, doesn't have an English equivalent. However, the "gn" can be pronounced like the ñ in the familiar word "piñata". The final "n" in Sauvignon is pronounced with a nasal "n" typical of French which sounds elided, as if it were half of the "n" in the word "on". The same rule applies to how the final "n" is pronounced in blanc, where you can hear it is barely present in the audio pronunciation.
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