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Crudités are French appetizers, or hors-d'œuvres consisting of raw vegetables that can be served whole or sliced. Crudités are a staple of traditional French cuisine and are often served with a dipping sauce or vinaigrette.
The word crudités is the plural form and is the only form used. In English, crudités is often misused as a single form, crudité, and sometimes written without the accent on the "e", so as crudite. However, the single form is not used because the single form word crudité means "rawness". So, crudités, in its plural form means "rawnesses" or "raw things", to indicate that "raw things" (vegetables), are being served.
The correct pronunciation of crudités is kroo-dee-teh.
In the first syllable, the "u" has been transcribed as "oo" because it is roughly pronounced in the same way. However, in the audio pronunciation you will notice that it is a more closed sound, which is pronounced with more tightly pursed lips
The "i" in the second syllable is then pronounced as a long "e", so as an "ee" sound.
The last syllable, which contains an "é" is not pronounced as "tay" but as "teh". You will also note that the "s" is not pronounced.

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