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Sous vide

Sous vide, or sous-vide, is a French method of cooking that consists in cooking food in a pressurized plastic bag or container that is immersed in hot water and cooked for a long period of time at a constant and relatively low temperature, compared to other methods of cooking. By cooking dishes in this way, the foods are guaranteed to cook evenly.
Some foods that are often cooked with this method are salmon, chicken, steak and egg bites.
The words sous vide literally means "under vacuum" in French, where "sous" translates to "under" and "vide" translates to "vacuum".
The correct pronunciation of sous vide is Soo-veed.
The second "s" in "sous" is not pronounced in French, while the "ou" is pronounced with a long "o", which means that it is pronounced with an "oo" sound. 
In "vide", the "i" is pronounced as a long "e" in English, which means it is pronounced as "ee". Instead, the final "e" in "vide" is silent, so the last letter that is pronounced is the "d". In fact, as you can hear in the audio pronunciation, the "d" is pronounced with slightly more emphasis than you would use in English.

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