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Viognier is type of white grape used to produce white wine mainly in France. Viognier is found in the Rhône Valley, in the south of France and is the only variety of grape allowed to make the French wine, Condrieu. Viognier can also be found in certain areas of Australia, New Zealand, North America and South Africa. The type of wine produced with the Viognier grape is usually aromatic and contain hints of fruit.
The origin of the grape is unknown, but it is thought to originally derive from Dalmatia, which is now Croatia. It is then purported to have been brought to Rhône by the Romans. Similarly, the origin of the name Viognier is disputed. It is thought that it was a namesake for the city of Vienne, in France, which was a Roman military camp.
The correct pronunciation of Viognier is vee-oh-ñeh.
The first "i" in Viognier is pronounced like a double "e". The "o", transcribed in the second syllable, is pronounced as an "oh" sound. The last syllable begins with a "gn" sound, which is not present in the English language. However, the way you pronounce "gn" is equivalent to the "ñ" in "piñata", which is a word that will be familiar to English speakers. Following the "ñ", you must pronounce an "eh" sound, which is how you pronounce the final "er" in French, where the "r" is silent.

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