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How to pronounce Notre-Dame [Explained]
The Notre-Dame de Paris is a medieval cathedral located in Paris, specifically on the Île de la Cité. In French, the cathedral's name means Our Lady of Paris, where Notre means Our and Dame means Lady.
The name Notre Dame is also used for the University of Notre Dame, a prestigious private Catholic college located in Indiana, in the United States.
Notre Dame, in the name University of Notre Dame, is often pronounced as No-ter Dame, however, this is an Americanization of the word.
Because of how Notre Dame is pronounced when connected to the university, this has brought confusion for English speakers in general on how to pronounce Notre Dame correctly.
The correct pronunciation of Notre Dame in French is Noh-truh Dahm.
The first syllable in Notre, -noh, is pronounced with a short "o", which means it is pronounced with an "oh" sound. But, as you can hear in the audio pronunciation, the "oh" sound, is pronounced in a closed manner, by pursing your lips. The second syllable, "tre", is pronounced as -truh and not as -ter.
The second word, Dame, is not pronounced as you would in English, but it is pronounced as -dahm, where the "a" is a short "a", or pronounced with an open "ah" sound.
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