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How to pronounce Ducati
Ducati is motorcycle manufacturing and racing company, based in Bologna, Italy. Ducati was founded by the engineer Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his sons in 1926 as Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati, originally a radio component manufacturer.
Ducati approached motorvehicles late in its history, in 1950, when they manufactured an engine to mount on bicycles, before moving on to motorcycles.
Today, Ducati is owned by Volkswagen, through its subsidiary, Audi.
The correct pronuncation of Ducati in Italian is Doo-kah-tee. The "u" in Italian produces an "oo" sound, but without exaggerating its length. Instead, the "i" at the end is pronounced as an "ee" sound. The -cah in the middle of the brand name is pronounced with an open "ah" sound.
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