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Audi is a German luxury car manufacturer that is part of the Volkswagen group. Audi is recognizable from its logo that is made from four overlapping rings. Audi's logo represents the union of four brands that merged to create a single company: Horch, Audi, DKW and Wanderer.
Audi was initially founded in 1910 by August Horch. The name Audi derives from the last name of founder, August Horch. Horch could not use his own name as the company name because he had previously founded a company called August Horch & Cie. Motorwagenwerke AG with his partners. He then left the company and founded another one containing the name Horch. He was then sued for copyright infringement and lost the judicial battle, which proclaimed that the Horch brand was owned by his former company.
Horch then settled on another name. Since Horch literally means the imperative form of "listen" in German, as in "hear!". He therefore decided to adopt the Latin translation of Horch, in its imperative form, which is "Audi".
The brand name Audi is often pronounced incorrectly as aw-dee. However, the correct pronunciation of Audi is au-dee. The "au" in Audi is pronounced like the "o" in the word "cow" or the "o" in the word "eyebrow".

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