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Bvlgari is an Italian luxury brand that produces jewellery, watches, cosmetics, fragrances,  leather goods and fashion accessories. The brand name is stylized as BVLGARI, using the classical Latin alphabet where there was no distinction between the two letters and the letter "U" was written as a "V". Therefore, the brand name Bvlgari is actually Bulgari, with a "U".
Bvlgari was founded by Sotirios Voulgaris (also transliterated as Boulgaris) who was an ethnic Aromanian who lived in Greece, as a silversmith.
After moving to Rome, in 1884 he founded Bvlgari, whose name took after the founder's Italianized name, which was Sotirio Bulgari. Furthermore, the name Bulgari, both in Greek and in Italian, means "from Bulgaria", because it is roughly the area from which Voulgaris' family was from.
Currently, the majority owner of the brand Bvlgari is the luxury conglomerate LVMH.
Even if it looks like the brand contains a "V" in its name, the correct way to pronounce Bvlgari is with a "U", so as Bulgari. Also, because Bulgari is an Italian surname, the correct pronunciation of Bvlgari is in Italian. So the right way to pronounce Bulgari is Bool-gah-ree. The "u" here is pronounced with a double "o" sound or, alternatively, with the same pronunciation of the "u" in the word "rule". The "a" is pronounced with an open sound, like the "ah" sound made when you open your mouth at the dentist's. Finally, the "i" at the end is pronounced with an "ee" sound, like in the word "see" or the word "ski".

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