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Tsundere is a Japanese word used to indicate a typical character development process especially used in manga and anime. Tsundere describes when a character is initially cold and distant and gradually becomes progressively warmer and more affectionate in time. The term is often associated with female characters but it is not exclusive to them.
The word tsundere derives from the terms tsun tsun and dere dere, and were fused together. Tsun tsun means "to turn away in anger and disgust" while dere dere means "to become affectionate".
The correct pronunciation of tsundere is tsoon-deh-reh.
While Japanese isn't a stress-based language like English, when pronouncing tsundere, to English speakers it will sound like the stress is pronounced on the first syllable.
The "ts" sound is pronounced similarly to the "zz" in the word "pizza", rather than pronouncing it with a "ts" sound. The following "u" is pronounced with a double "o" sound.
The "e"s in the last two syllables are then pronounced with a short "e", which means they are pronounced with an "eh" sound.

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