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How to pronounce Manga
Manga are Japanese comics or graphic novels created in Japan or written in Japanese language that derive from 19th century Japanese art. From the late 20th century onwards manga have reached a global audience. Manga are a form of literature that reaches people of all ages in Japan but are mainly for adults. The animated form, anime, is derived from manga.
The word manga can be translated in Japanese to "aimless or whimsical pictures". In Japan, the word refers to all types of comics, while in other countries it refers to comics from Japan.
The correct pronunciation of manga is mahn-gah.
It is important to remember that Japanese is not a stress-based language, so each syllable has an equal amount of stress. Nonetheless, the "m" at the beginning of manga is pronounced with emphasis, causing the letter to sound longer. Equal emphasis is then placed on the "g" at the beginning of the second syllable. Both the "a"s in manga are pronounced as short "a"s, which means they are pronounced with an "ah" sound.
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