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Stella Artois

Stella Artois is a brand of pilsner beer that is produced in Leuven, Belgium. Stella Artois was founded in 1926, but has a much longer history: in 1717, the brewer Sébastien Artois purchased the Den Hoorn brewery in Leuven, a historic brewery that was established in the 14th century and renamed it Brouwerij Artois and from thereon it maintained its name. It was only in 1926 that the brewery launched Stella Artois. Stella Artois was originally released as a Christmas beer and used the name "Stella" in reference to the Christmas star. Due to its success, however, the beer was commercialized year-round and subsequently exported throughout Europe.
The brand is now owned by ABInbev, a multinational beverage conglomerate.
The correct pronunciation of Stella Artois is Stel-ah ahr-TWAH. Artois is often mispronounced by English speakers as Ar-toys. This mispronunciation is due to the unfamiliarity with the pronunciation of "ois" in French. The "ois" is pronounced with a -wah sound, resulting in the pronunciation ahr-TWAH.

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