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Rooibos is a plant that grows in shrubland of South Africa. The rooibos leaves are used to make herbal tea which is very popular in the southern part of Africa, but is now consumed globally, especially because of its antioxidant properties.
The word rooibos literally means "red bush" in Afrikaans and the tea made from it is sometimes known as red bush tea.
The correct pronunciation of rooibos is often a subject of debate and confusion. In the UK, rooibos is often pronounced as ROY-buhs, while in the US it is often pronounced as ROY-bows. Unfortunately, both versions are wrong.
The native pronunciation of rooibos is ROY-boss. The main difficulty in trying to say rooibos is pronouncing the "o"s correctly.
In the first syllable, which is roughly transcribed as -ROY, the "o" is actually pronounced in a closed manner, similarly to the "o" in the word "or", but slightly more closed. The "o" in the second syllable of rooibos is once again pronounced in a closed manner, but slightly more open than in the preceding syllable.

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