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How to pronounce Samoyed [Explained]
The Samoyed is a breed of herding dog that is native to Russia. Samyeds tend to grow large and have thick white coats. These kinds of dogs are rarely aggressive and tend to have a friendly disposition.
Samoyeds were originally bred in Siberia to herd reindeers. In fact, the name Samoyed originates from the Samoyedic peoples that are native to Siberia.
The correct pronunciation of Samoyed is SAM-uh-yed. To pronounce Samoyed properly, it is important to stress the first syllable, -SAM. The second syllable is pronounced with an "uh" sound that sometimes can sound close to an "o". The way to pronounce Samoyed is the same in Russian and in English, except for a variation in accents. So it is not right to pronounce Samoyed as suh-moy-uhd, as is often heard in English and especially in the US.
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