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How to pronounce Pinot Noir [Explained]
Pinot Noir is a French red wine grape variety, but it is also used to make other kinds of wines, especially some sparkling white wines like Champagnes.
The name Pinot Noir literally means "pine black" and it refers to the dark color of the grapes and the fact that the grapes are tightly clustered like pine cones.
Pinot Noir is often pronounced the wrong way by English speakers. Common pronunciation mistakes often include pronouncing the "ot" at the end of Pinot by pronouncing it like the word "owe" and mispronouncing the word Noir. Noir is frequently pronounced as Nwa or N'war, but in the first case the "r" is not pronounced and in the second case, the "a" is pronounced with an excessively closed "a" sound.
​The correct pronunciation of Pinot Noir is Pee-noh Nwahr.
The "i" in the first syllable of Pinot is pronounced as a long "e", which means it is pronounced with an "ee" sound. A common error in this case is to pronounce the "i" as a short "i", which to say with an "ih" sound.
The pronunciation of the "ot" at the end of Pinot is with a short "o", which means it is pronounced with an "oh" sound, and not "owe".
The pronunciation of the "oi" in Noir in French produces a "wah" sound. The "ah" is pronounced like a very open short "a". The way you pronounce the "ah" is by completely opening your mouth when saying it.
The pronunciation of the "r" in Noir is particularly challenging for non-native French speakers. In the audio pronunciation, you will hear a gargled French "R", which is difficult replicate. In this case, the best idea would be to just barely pronounce the "r" or pronounce it very softly.
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