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Paella is a traditional Spanish dish consisting mainly of rice, saffron, and meat. Generally, this version, from Valencia, is considered to be the original version of the recipe, although the version with seafood in place of meat is more widely diffused around the world.
The name paella derives from the same word, paella, which in Valencian means pan. In many countries and regions that speak Spanish, the word for pan is paellera, while paella is solely the name of the dish.
The correct pronunciation of paella in Spanish and also in Valencian is pah-ey-yah. The double "L", in most variants of Spanish, is pronounced with a "Y" sound. To simplify, the -ey part is pronounced in the same way you would pronounce "ey" in the word "hey". By adding a -yah sound at the end of it, you can easily reproduce the Spanish pronunciation of the "LL" in paella.

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