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Guacamole is a popular Mexican dip or spread made mainly from a base of avocado, salt and lime juice. Guacamole originally dates back to the time of the Aztecs, when they first began cultivating avocado, and became a traditional staple of Mexican cuisine. Through time guacamole gained world-wide popularity; it has become traditional in the United States as a part of Tex-Mex cuisine and is consumed during festivities such as Superbowl Sunday and Cinco de Mayo. In the US, guacamole is sometimes abbreviated to "guac".
Recipes for traditional guacamole vary depending on different areas of Mexico and can include cilantro or jalapeños and are often eaten with tortilla chips.
The word guacamole originates from Nahuatl, the Aztec language, and means "avocado sauce".
The correct pronunciation of guacamole is often debated. In traditional Spanish, guacamole is pronounced with a hard "G", therefore as gwah-kah-MOH-leh. However, in Mexican Spanish, guacamole is pronounced as wah-kah-MOH-leh, with a silent "g". In fact, the original Nahuatl name for guacamole is āhuacamolli, which, does not include a "G". However, some Mexican Spanish speakers pronounce guacamole with a "G" as well, albeit much softer than an English "G" would be. Both pronunciations of guacamole are acceptable, so they have been both included in the audio pronunciation. A final important note, the "e" at the end of guacamole is pronounced with a short "e", so an "eh" sound instead of a long "e" or "ee" sound, such as in the word "see".

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