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How to pronounce Andouille [Explained]
Andouille is a French smoked pork sausage and is usually eaten as an appetizer in France. The term andouille can indicate a variety of different kinds of sausage that can change based on the region of provenance, some of the ingredients and the way that it is cooked.
Because of French influence, andouille sausages are also typical of both Creole and Cajun cuisine in Louisiana, in the United States.
The correct pronunciation of andouille in French can be phonetically transcribed as ohn-doo-yuh. The first part, "An", is transcribed as -ohn. This is partially because the way that the "A" is pronounced is influenced by the brief nasal "N" after it. This causes it sound similar to the word "ohm". The final part, characterized by the double "L" is often mistakenly pronounced with an "ee" sound, resulting in Ahn-doo-ee. The correct way to pronounce it is closer to a -yuh sound with a slightly closed and short "u".
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