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How to pronounce Mukbang [Explained]
Mukbang is an eating show that is broadcasted online, in which the broadcaster eats food while interacting with the audience. Mukbang became popular in South Korea in 2010 but has since reached global popularity.
The word mukbang is a portmanteau of the words "eating" and "broadcast" in Korean.
The correct pronunciation of mukbang can be phonetically approximated to muhk-bahng. However, this transliteration of how to pronounce mukbang is imprecise because of the differences between the Korean and English alphabets. First of all, in the second syllable of mukbang, transcribed as -bahng, the "b" is pronounced very slightly and approaches the sound of a "p". Second, the -ah, nearly sounds like an "o" when it is pronounced, and in no case should the second syllable sound like the word "bang" in English. The last point is that the final "g" in mukbang is barely pronounced: you should pronounce it by stopping halfway through its pronunciation.
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