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How to pronounce Jean Piaget [Explained]
Jean Piaget was a Swiss psychologist who is known for his pioneering work on child development and for his study of the origins of knowledge, known as genetic epistemology. His works have had a huge influence on the entire field of developmental psychology, education and the study of intelligence.
Piaget was from Neuchâtel, a Francophone region of Switzerland from two French-speaking parents. His surname is also of French origins, making the French pronunciation the right way to pronounce his name.
The pronunciation of Jean Piaget is Szahn Peeah-szeh.
The "j" in Jean and the "g" in Piaget are pronounced in the same way. Here it has been transcribed as "sz" for a lack of better alternatives. However, they are both pronounced exactly like the "s" in the word "pleasure". In "Piaget", the "i" is pronounced with a long "e", or "ee", followed by a short "a", an "ah" sound. While phonetically it may seem like they are two separate syllables, in fact, it is a single syllable with an abbreviated "ee" sound, as you can hear in the audio pronunciation. The final "et" is not pronounced with an "ay", like in the word "bay", as is commonly heard by English speakers, but it is pronounced with a short "e" or "eh" sound.
09/08/1896 - 16/09/1980
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