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How to pronounce Québec
Quebec (or Québec in French) is one of the thirteen provinces and territories in Canada. Quebec City is the capital city of Quebec, but it is the second most populous city to Montreal. The term for the native population of Quebec is Québécois.
The name Quebec derives from Algonquin, which is the language or dialect of the indigenous Algonquin population. The Algonquin word kébec means "where the river narrows", referring to the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec City, and was chosen by French explorer Samuel de Champlain in 1608.
The predominant and sole official language in Quebec is French and it is the only province with this characteristic.
The correct pronunciation of Quebec in French is KEH-bek. Differently from the pronunciation often heard from English speakers, the first syllable must be stressed. Also, the first syllable, "Que" is pronounced as -keh and not by phonetically pronouncing the "u", which would sound like qwe-bek.
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