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Hiroshima is a city in Japan and is the capital of the Hiroshima prefecture. The city of Hiroshima is best known internationally as the first city to be attacked with an atomic bomb by the United States on August 6, 1945. The bombing of Hiroshima was soon followed by the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki three days later. 
The correct pronunciation of Hiroshima is Hee-roh-shee-mah.
The transcription of the Japanese pronunciation of Hiroshima doesn't show where the stress should fall because Japanese equally stresses each syllable, unlike English. As you can hear in the audio pronunciation, the final -mah appears to be stressed, but this is due to the fact that, differently from its pronunciation in English, it is as stressed as the other syllables.
In addition, to pronounce Hiroshima correctly, you must pay attention to how you pronounce the syllables. Both the "i"s are pronounced as a long "e", which means they are pronounced with an "ee" sound. The "o" is not pronounced as a long "o", so with an "ow" sound, but it is pronounced as a short "o", so with an "oh" pronunciation. Finally, the "a" is not pronounced with an "uh" sound, but it is pronounced with a short "a", that is to say an "ah" sound.

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