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How to pronounce Hegemony in British English [Explained]
Hegemony is a term used to indicate political, social, military or economic control of one state over others. While the term was originally used to denote control between states, it is now more generally used in social and cultural terms within single states, referring to some groups of individuals' domination on others.
The word hegemony originally derives from the Ancient Greek word hēgemonía, which means "political supremacy".
The pronunciation of hegemony changes depending on the variety of English. In British English, hegemony is commonly pronounced as heh-GEH-muh-nee.
The main difference between the British and American pronunciation of hegemony is in the second syllable.
First of all, the stress is placed on the second syllable, -GEH.
Second, the -GEH in heh-GEH-muh-nee is pronounced with a hard "g". This means that "g" is pronounced like the "g" in the word "get".
However, in Britain it is occasionally pronounced with a soft "g", which is the prevalent way to pronounce hegemony in American English.
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