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Braciole is an Italian word that has different meanings depending on the region in Italy. In certain areas it refers to thin slices of meat that are usually beef or veal that are grilled or fried in olive oil. In other areas, especially in the south, and specifically in Campania or Sicily braciole refer to thin slices of meat that are rolled and fried with bread crumbs and cheese so to create involtini.
In Italian-American communities, braciole refer to the roulade version.
The word braciole is the plural form of braciola, which indicates a single slice.
The correct pronunciation of braciole in Italian is Bra-choh-leh. The "c" in braciole is pronounced with a "ch" sound in English and the subsequent "o" maintains an open sound. It is important to pronounce the end as -leh and not as "ley" as is often seen transcribed for foreign speakers.
In the United States braciole is frequently pronounced with an americanization of the Sicilian dialect and is pronounced as bra-jul. However, this pronunciation is not native to the Italian language and is somewhat distant from the Sicilian dialect.

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