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Bolognese means a person who is born or is a resident in Bologna, the Italian city in Emilia-Romagna. Internationally, the word Bolognese is known as the name of the traditional Ragù sauce, made with minced meat and tomato sauce. In Italy, though, the sauce is simply known as ragù or ragù alla bolognese, but never as Bolognese or Bolognese Sauce on its own. So, when ordering this sauce in Italy, you would order pasta al ragù and not pasta Bolognese.
The correct pronunciation of Bolognese in Italian can be transcribed as Boh-loh-​ñeh-zeh. In this transcription, we chose to use the letter "ñ" for the "gn" sound because it is understandable to English speakers, even if we usually choose not to use accented letters to make comprehension easier. English speakers will be acquainted with the word "piñata". That "ñ" sound is the same as "gn" in Italian. 
It is absolutely wrong to pronounce it as bo-luh-neiz, which, unfortunately, is diffused around the globe. So to pronounce Bolognese in the right way, it is important to master the "gn" sound and the "se" at the end, which sounds like -zeh, with an open "e".

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